Additive Masterbatch

Astra polymers additives provide fast processing, better mechanical and chemical properties with critical product performancerequirements. We offer a comprehensive range of cutting edge additive formulations that enrich the process ability of plastic resins and compounds. From Antilock, Antioxidants, Antistatic, Blowing Agent, to Process Aids, Slips, Antislips, UV Stabilizer, Antifogging agent, and Cling agents, providingfinest functionality while helping diminishprocess cost.

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Color Masterbatch

Astra Polymers cover the complete spectrum of standard colors that maintain highest level of quality, making sure the visual appearance is up to required standards and consistency in every single batch is maintained. The latest equipment and color matching facility ensures customized color requests are timely met with unmatched quality and exact customer prerequisite.

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Compound Masterbatch

Our Compounds are suitable for PE, PP, PS and ABS Base Resin. Typical Product Application: Furniture, Electrical Appliances and Industrial Components.

Astra Polymer, we specialize in formulating and compounding all kinds of resins. Our ability to do so gives product designers a great amount of flexibility in designing moulds without worrying about processing and flow issues. We work closely with major resin manufacturers, OEM development engineers and Tier I and Tier II suppliers to develop critical compounds and masterbatches.

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Black Masterbatch

Our carbon black concentrates consist of a wide range of pigment systems varying from large to small particle sizes. Astra Black Masterbatchesis used in a wide variety of polymer systems from ABS, GPPS, HIPS, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and PP homo and co-polymers supporting industrial applications such as film, compounding, pipe, fiber, and injection/blow molding.

Astra Black Masterbatch plays a vital role in key markets including agricultural films, consumer products, wire and cables, textiles, automotive, electronics, and packaging providing deep color and improved visual performance to plastics.

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White Masterbatch

Our advanced performance white color concentrates containing up to 75% TiO2 and have been specifically designed to optimize material whiteness and thermal stability. Astra white concentrates are available in a number of carrier resins and are designed for use in extrusion film, sheet, injection, and blow molding applications. Astra white Masterbatch products are used widely throughout the thermoplastics industry and is compatible with a wide range of additives and processes.

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