Astra Polymers is the innovative industry partners working on the next generation of transportation solutions today. Transportation industry has been constantly evolving and brining new challenges for the manufacturers, key concerns being the need to reduce weight, improve mileage and increasing safety. Astra Polymers high-performance products and solutions helps leading automotive and aerospace engineers and manufacturer to comply with strict industry regulations and requirements while keeping the function and appearance of the final product intact.


Astra masterbatches, colors and additives are used in a variety of consumer goods applications from food and meat containers to oil cans and bottle closures, shampoo & detergent bottles, with complete range of thermoformed consumer products. Astra high performance and reliable products are the first choice in applications where consumers seek high level of consistency durability, convenience and concerns about freshness or deterioration of products.


Our portfolio of products covers all the segments of the packaging industry. Flexible or rigid, blown or cast, lamination or extrusion. Food and Consumer product packaging manufacturers prefer Astra Polymers because of our expertise in generating custom colors and additive solutions, giving them an edge over competition. Our solutions for applications include, but are not limited to: Bubble Wrap, Cling Films, Cooking Oil Cans, Soap & Shampoo Bottles, PET Bottles, Closures and Caps, Single & Multilayer Packaging, BOPP Packaging, Paint lids, Pallets, Automotive lubricant containers etc.


Astra Polymers masterbatches are widely accepted in electrical, electronic and engineering fields to ensure safe and effective functionality. Our highly skilled research team makes sure we are updated to incorporate latest design technology and standards into our products to meet stringent industry regulations and requirements.


Astra Polymers has a diverse portfolio of products that effectively enhance the performance, durability and appearance of home appliances. We are the preferred partners of leading home appliance manufacturers and provide our solutions for the following: Washing machines, Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners, Inverters, Water Dispensers etc.


Plastics are quickly replacing traditional construction material goods as more efficient and cost-effective alternative. With a comprehensive range of product portfolio under our belt, Astra Polymers colors and additive concentrates are fully loaded and provide a diverse range of options to cater any building and construction related challenge. Our high-performance grades are used in: Door & Window Components, Water Tanks, Pipes, Roofing, Fencing & Decking, Safety Nets, Barricades etc.


Last three decades have seen remarkable development of plastic use in agriculture. The result has been an increase in productivity and crop yield round the year. Our wide-ranging additives provide a series of purposeful benefits for agricultural based products and processes. Our specially tailored masterbatches, additives and compounds are used in: Greenhouse films, Geomembrane, Mulch films, Non-woven and Agrotextile etc.